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Artist information such as photos, written biographies, discographies, credits, group membership, similar artists and other musician-related data come from the camp of the particular artist or from Wikipedia.
Each month, our team of writers and editors select the albums that most captured their attention. We feature these selections on our Editors' Choice page each month.
Genres should be seen as the broad categorization of music into a grouping. Things like jazz, blues, country and pop/rock are all examples of the 21 genres that Music & Entertainers breaks music into.
By visiting Music & Entertainers, we invite you to tell us what you think about the albums on our site. How do you feel about XXXX but hate Songs for XXX? Did XXXX change your life? Now you can rate albums on the same five star rating scale as our editors do. You can also see how other Music & Entertainers readers have rated albums and the number of times visitors have rated an album, find out if the Music & Entertainers audience agrees with our editorial ratings, or sort an artist’s discography by average user rating.
Occasionally we have server issues or problems with our data provider's service which causes pages to fail. Usually these interruptions are brief so we suggest maybe waiting a minute or two and then refreshing the page. If the problem persists, please contact us via our support page via the chat box or mail.
Music & Entertainers is not a streaming service so we do not provide the ability to stream full tracks on our site, and we do not sell any products directly on our site. We do not have the ability to stream full songs like Spotify or Apple Music do. When applicable, we provide links to streaming services and places to buy the music. If you're not seeing that on the album page you're viewing, the album may not be available at those sources.
Billboard has changed their licensing terms and the cost associated with licensing that information to display on Music & Entertainers was way WAY more than we can afford. We're pretty bummed about it but we simply can't afford to license the information from them anymore.
Feature requests or any feedback related to Music & Entertainers can be sent via our contact mail below or by posting your idea on listed social media pages. [email protected]
Feature requests or any feedback related to Music & Entertainers can be sent via our contact mail below or by posting your idea on listed social media pages. [email protected]
That's the great thing about being a music fan; you can have an opinion about an album that might not be the same as another person's opinion. Our editors use a 1 to 5 star system. It is important to note that albums are rated only within the scope of an artist's own work; we won't compare a Sarkodie’s album to the latest album by Drake or Jay-Z.
The Music & Entertainers genre is considered to be a broad umbrella term that may have several styles under it. Occasionally we hear things like "This band isn't pop/rock, they are heavy metal" or "This album isn't rap, it is hip-hop" Our Styles may be more along the lines of what you're looking for.
Neither Music & Entertainers nor social media mangers own the rights to any music compositions, recordings, or other performances. This WikiHow article also has some detail on how to get the rights to use someone else's music in a film, video, or other public presentation.
Music & Entertainers does not have a method of allowing artists upload videos to the site.
If your album or artist information is on Music & Entertainers, congratulations! Music & Entertainers is an archival resource about artists and albums that have been available throughout history, much like an encyclopedia. Despite the fact that your album may no longer be commercially available, some of our users may be fans of this album and would be glad to see it listed. We do not sell copies of albums on Music & Entertainers, nor do we provide illegal downloads or anything like that. Before formally requesting a takedown, please consider the fact that this information may be useful and interesting to the Music & Entertainers community. If you have further questions or still need the information removed, feel free to contact us.
Album information such as reviews, tracks, credits, similar albums and other album-related data come from our data providers, who provide music information to us as well as a number of other music sites and services. We receive a lot of the music information from record labels and distributors too. If your album information is on Music & Entertainers, it is likely from one of these sources. [email protected]
Our links to Spotify are automatically generated. We also receive and upload some manually via our mails and chat box submissions.