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MONEY song by The Chris Ruben Band cover art

“Money” The new mind-blowing single by The Chris Ruben Band is Out Now

Follow THE CHRIS RUBEN BAND via: Originating from Long Island, New York, The Chris Ruben Band has been captivating audiences since early 2015 with their electrifying performances. This six-membered band is beloved by fans for their high-energy live shows and lively sing-along anthems that draw inspiration from legendary artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Stevie…

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Lost Sun by Charlie Brown song's cover art

‘Lost Sun’ by Charlie Brown: An Electronic – Chillout Music

Follow CHARLIE BROWN via: Charlie Brown, an exceptional and promising songwriter, has recently launched his new single named “Lost Sun.” The song was impeccably recorded in a home studio situated in Southampton where every part of it including the playing, recording, mixing as well as mastering were carried out solely by Charlie Brown himself. Influenced…

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Cassava Groove Temple (CGT) Mountains Poster

‘Mountains of the Moon’ EP by Cassava Groove Temple, Out Now!

Follow CASSAVA GROOVE TEMPLE via: Cassava Groove Temple’s “Mountains of the Moon” is your first-class ticket to a global soundscape. This eclectic collective, featuring musical collaborators from across the UK, Sweden, Uganda, and Ukraine, brings a unique blend of international influences to their debut EP. “Mountains of the Moon” isn’t just another electronica record. It’s…

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Emma Grace on Changing Album Cover

Delving into ‘Changing’ Album by Emma Grace

Follow EMMA GRACE via: Emma Grace’s debut album, “Changing,” is a captivating exploration of self-discovery wrapped in shimmering indie-pop melodies. Touching on themes like coming of age, navigating love’s complexities, and the ever-evolving journey of self-worth, “Changing” speaks to the ears and the minds of a broad, inquisitive audience, much like the music of Billie…

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Intelligence song by Truth Lamp cover art

Truth Lamp: Unlocking Creativity with the New Song ‘Intelligence’

Follow Truth Lamp via: UK-based electronic music producer, Truth Lamp has a unique and constantly developing sound that defies conventional genre boundaries. The outcome is electrifying anthems that pack quite the punch. Born out of an innovative approach to artistic expression, resulting in what may be considered unconventional creativity. This led to the creation and…

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