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Martin Larose's Temporarily Broken from his Hek of a ride album cover

Martin Larose: ‘Temporarily Broken’ New Single

Martin Larose provides a soul-stirring glimpse into his upcoming album “Hek Of A Ride” with the track “Temporarily Broken,” showcasing a unique blend of atmospheric ambience and intricate musicianship. The song, a captivating fusion of acoustic troubadourism and alt-country, culminates in a chorus highlighted by the distinct harmonica stylings of Guy Bélanger. Drawing inspiration from…

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Catherine Scholz on her Let This Be Enough single, cover art.

Catherine Scholz: ‘Let This Be Enough’ Empowering New Single

Renowned singer-songwriter Catherine Scholz is poised to deeply resonate with audiences through her latest single, “Let This Be Enough.” This resonant composition transcends barriers, delving into the universally human experiences of unrequited love, longing for acceptance, and the search for self-affirmation. Featuring Francisco Aviles on vocals, “Let This Be Enough” serves as a heartfelt ode…

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La Dame De Trèfle a cinematic jazz by Atacama cover art

Atacama: ‘La Dame De Trèfle’ Cinematic Jazz Play

The Parisian contemporary jazz-rock quartet Atacama weaves an enchanting musical tale through their original track, “La Dame De Trèfle,” embracing a profound appreciation for jazz from the moment they docked on the French beaches. This dense and captivating track evokes an aura reminiscent of a cinematic masterpiece, easily perceived as an enthralling soundtrack.  With an…

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The Hollow by Moonlight Lily a new release from the band.

Moonlight Lily: ‘The Hollow’ New Single

Moonlight Lily is an alternative band from New Jersey | NYC, USA, consisting of a diverse trio hailing from Puerto Rico, Serbia, and Belarus. Ed manages Bass/Guitars. Iva oversees Voice/Words/Synths, and Vlad handles Drums. Moonlight Lily’s sonic tapestry embodies an amalgamation of heavy riffs, electronic soundscapes, soaring melodies, and haunting vocals, enveloping the listener in…

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GOGOWÉ's latest song LIKE A PIANO KEY cover art


DC-based Nigerian independent artist and musician GOGOWÉ follows up on her 2023 singles ‘Counterfeit’, showcased on Editorial playlists; and “I Could Fall” with her distinct lush vocals and finely crafted harmonies, with the vibrant release of ‘LIKE A PIANO KEY’. This latest offering, written, rapped, and sung by Gogowé, captures the essence of combating anxiety…

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