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Cash U cover art of song Best Shit

Best Shit: Cash U Unleashes Pure Fun on This Album

Follow CASH U via: Cash U’s aptly titled album, “Best Shit,” is a genre-bending explosion of pure, unadulterated fun. This anonymous collective, shrouded in emoji masks, throws a hilarious party on this record, inviting listeners to join the joyful chaos. The party kicks off with “Hip so Hop (Cappuccino),” a nonsensical blast of energy. Forget…

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Le Portail by Monarbre cover art

Monarbre: ‘Le Portail’ Single and Video

FOLLOW MONARBRE VIA: Oleg Ataeff, an exceptional musician from Tel Aviv in Israel, has created the enigmatic identity of Monarbre. This musical project has captured audiences’ attention with its captivating allure and imaginative creativity through various releases. Using his unique music style to compose immersive narratives that transcend conventional limits, Ataeff’s work resonates globally. Each…

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Dream 'Til It's Over by VINNIE-DANGEROUS cover art

Vinnie-Dangerous: ‘Dream ‘Til It’s Over’ Original Album

FOLLOW VINNIE-DANGEROUS VIA: Vinnie-Dangerous, the Fayetteville-born rapper, invites everyone on an introspective series of wrapped-up stories like a gift for everyone with his latest album, “Dream ‘Til It’s Over.” This collection of thirteen tracks serves as a canvas for his raw authenticity, blending relentless lyricism with innovative production. On this compilation, there’s a head-nodding vibe,…

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Devotion In The Rocks album by Devon Fouch cover art

Devon Fouch: Existential (feat. Cubanis)

FOLLOW Devon Fouch VIA: Devon Fouch, a talented songwriter from Chicago’s thriving music scene, elicits the spirit of musical legends like Drake and Kanye West with his profound lyrics and captivating melodies. He manages to strike a balance between artistic integrity and industry demands resulting in creations that are deeply personal yet still widely appealing….

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