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Time Together with You by Michael Friedinger cover art

Michael Friedinger: ‘Time Together with You’ A Jazz Celebration!

FOLLow MICHAEL FRIEDINGER viA: On his latest single “Time Together with You,” pianist Michael Friedinger celebrates the joy of shared moments with a smooth jazz gem that spotlights his compositional and performing talents. Lifting both the mood and the feet, this upbeat track provides a taste of Friedinger’s forthcoming debut album due in March 2024….

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Ultra Instrumental Frenzy side B by Taner B Frenzy album cover

Ultra Instrumental Frenzy Side B: Album by Taner B Frenzy

FOLLow TANER B FRENZY viA: Taner B Frenzy’s latest album, ‘Ultra Instrumental Frenzy Side B,’ hits the airwaves with a nostalgia and contemporary flair. Released as a follow-up to ‘Ultra Instrumental Frenzy side A,’ the Melbourne-based artist showcases his instrumental prowess across six captivating tracks. The album begins with ‘A West B Ward,’ a track…

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Country Stroll final album art Joshua Martin

Ari Joshua: ‘Country Stroll’ Single and Video Is A Celebration of Life

Follow Ari Joshua viA: With his latest single, “Country Stroll,” award-winning guitarist and composer Ari Joshua pays homage to Americana while pushing his jazz-infused style forward. By enlisting legendary Medeski Martin & Wood members John Medeski and Billy Martin, Joshua creates an instrumental journey that traverses genres with technical precision and playful spirit. The song…

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Sommerregen by Vincent Krennerich Coverart

Vincent Krennerich: ‘Sommerregen’ An Ambience of Relaxation

FOLLow Vincent Krennerich viA: Vincent Krennerich, a master of chill beats, blends classical whispers, nostalgic jazz sighs, and lo-fi hip-hop hums into his latest creation, “Sommerregen.” This German word translates to “summer rain.” It captures the serene impact of rainfall on a warm day, followed by the gentle rise of steam from the pavement. The…

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GUITARWORKS album by Mortal Prophets Cover Art

Guitarworks: Mortal Prophets’ Latest Album.

fOLLow Mortal Prophets viA: Mortal Prophets‘ latest album, Guitarworks, is a ten-track record that explores aspects of the human experience mostly through instrumental compositions. With its lonesome, resonant guitar notes, “Ascension,” the album’s opening track, creates a spooky mood. The music builds steadily to a dramatic end throughout the album’s enticing opening. John Beckmann has…

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Aura (Night Drive) by Hakusho Demon cover artwork

Hakusho Demon: ‘Aura (Night Drive)’ Original Single

follow Hakusho Demon via: Hakusho Demon, a post-rock ensemble, specializes in crafting emotionally evocative artistic expressions. Their latest release, “Aura (Night Drive),” put in a nutshell the mystique of the cosmos and the enchanting beauty of midnight. Lasting 3 minutes and 34 seconds, this lyrical-less track exudes a cinematic, soundtrack-worthy essence, delivering an easy-listening, tranquil,…

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