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Time Together with You by Michael Friedinger cover art

Michael Friedinger: ‘Time Together with You’ A Jazz Celebration!

FOLLow MICHAEL FRIEDINGER viA: On his latest single “Time Together with You,” pianist Michael Friedinger celebrates the joy of shared moments with a smooth jazz gem that spotlights his compositional and performing talents. Lifting both the mood and the feet, this upbeat track provides a taste of Friedinger’s forthcoming debut album due in March 2024….

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Sommerregen by Vincent Krennerich Coverart

Vincent Krennerich: ‘Sommerregen’ An Ambience of Relaxation

FOLLow Vincent Krennerich viA: Vincent Krennerich, a master of chill beats, blends classical whispers, nostalgic jazz sighs, and lo-fi hip-hop hums into his latest creation, “Sommerregen.” This German word translates to “summer rain.” It captures the serene impact of rainfall on a warm day, followed by the gentle rise of steam from the pavement. The…

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"Somewhere in My Memory" by Jordana Delgado cover artwork

Jordana Delgado: ‘Somewhere in My Memory’

follow Jordana Delgado via: In Vancouver, BC, Jordana Delgado, a celebrated pianist, composer, and singer-songwriter, has brought forth a mesmerizing new release, promising to captivate global audiences with the holiday spirit. Building on the success of her October 2023 single, “Autumn Leaves,” Jordana now unveils her latest masterpiece – an emotive piano instrumental cover of…

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"Search Party" by Rupert Cox, an album cover

Rupert Cox: ‘Search Party’ Album

FOLLOW Rupert Cox VIA: Rupert Cox‘s debut album “Search Party” offers a captivating array of melodic adventures, taking you on a musical journey through downtempo jazz, ambient soundscapes, and uplifting rhythms. Each track is filled with meticulous sonic tapestries and rich layers of instrumentation that unfold as a rewarding experience. Rupert’s skills as a highly…

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Justin Ryan 'Little Cabin Boy'

Justin Ryan: ‘Little Cabin Boy’

Justin Ryan Ruiz, aka the “Trashman Plays Piano,” released his album “Little Cabin Boy.” It’s a remarkable journey of perseverance and self-taught talent. Despite being rejected by music school, Justin found his rhythm as a trashman, saving up to buy his first two pianos. Now, his music captivates a global audience on Spotify and YouTube,…

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Raphael Fimm ‘Wedding Waltz’

Raphael Fimm: ‘Wedding Waltz’

Raphael Fimm has released his single ‘Wedding Waltz’, a romantic, neoclassical piece that he composed and orchestrated for his own wedding. True to its title, the piece is full of love, happiness and you can clearly hear the personal inspiration behind it. The beautiful, memorable melody takes the audience on a journey through a stream…

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