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JTK ' Jó '

is a lively afrobeat dance and party rap track that combines English, Nigerian Pidgin English, and Yoruba languages. The Yoruba word “Jó” translates to “dance,” and the song’s essence is all about encouraging people to hit the dance floor. It’s the perfect addition to any party atmosphere where dancing is a must.

The song was crafted with great care to appeal to a diverse audience, incorporating its language, rhythm, singing, and subject matter. Inspired by the talent of one of Nigeria’s finest rappers, Falz, Josh the Killer (JTK) is the rising rapper behind this catchy tune.

Currently based in Canada, Josh, formerly known as Chijioke Okorie, chose his moniker to play on the alternate meaning of “kill,” which is to overwhelm someone with emotions. He strongly associates this with his intention to create music that leaves a lasting impact.

His slogan perfectly sums it up: “I paint pictures with words and sounds.”

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