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Soutyboi with an Upcoming EP, ‘Specie Of Life’

Specie Of Life

SPECIE OF LIFE is a 4 Track Project By SoutyBoi. This is a perfect blend of afrobeat with chilled vibes.
Track 4 (Bad Girl) was firstly released in 2021 as a single.


Big Energy:

This Song is is Associated with SoutyBoi’s Perspective of Living. SoutyBoi in the song said
put your bear foot in three 4 language. With a lovely Melody. This Track Was Produced By Koobi


SoutyBoi in this song just want them girls to vibe and shake their respective bumbumfor the
fine boy. This Track Was Produced By Zaki Amujei, Mixed and Mastered by Koobi.

No Competition:

No Competition is just No Competition because we have our individual lives that we all
have to be accountable for so where is the competition.SoutyBoi believes we should only inspire each
other and not compete.The Track was produced by Koobi.

Bad Girl:

This Song is one of SoutyBoi’s Favourite from the Ep. This Track was produced by Lahlah

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