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Lead Me To the Cross: A Review of Thurane’s New Single

Lead Me To the Cross by THURANE Single Artwork


Transporting listeners on a stirring spiritual journey through driving rock melodies, Thurane’s new single “Lead Me To the Cross” radiates redemptive power. Masterfully blending the intensity of metal with the transcendence of worship music, this Youngtown-based trio creates a divine encounter for the modern soul.

From its opening strains, “Lead Me to the Cross” immediately grabs one’s attention with brooding guitar textures reminiscent of Stone Temple Pilots. Yet as frontman Thurane’s gritty vocals enter professing “Lead me to the cross, where Your love poured out,” the track’s greater purpose becomes clear – this is passionate praise music, raw and unrestrained. Though the sonic palette evokes mainstream rock, the lyrics guide us toward the light rather than temptation.

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As the song builds, the instrumental arrangement expands mightily to match the mounting spiritual intensity. Thundering drums and thickly distorted guitar riffs would fit seamlessly on a Metallica album. But here they elevate our focus to the heavens. This unexpected fusion generates something wholly its own – music that makes you want to raise your hands and bang your head simultaneously.

The bridge provides a particularly striking moment. As an active bassline pushes the energy ever higher leading to Thurane’s soulful exultations of “Lead me to Your heart.” One cannot help but feel moved, perhaps even called into a deeper relationship with the Divine.

Having lent their talents providing backup instrumentation for various worship collectives. Thurane now steps into their own as lead artists with “Lead Me to the Cross.” The polished production guides each element to shine in just the right moments. From floating soundscapes to pummeling percussion, nothing distracts from the overriding sense of spiritual surrender.

Ultimately, by fearlessly interweaving modern rock and ancient truth, Thurane points seekers toward transcendence with outstretched arms. This bold artistic statement rewards those desiring innovation alongside inspiration.

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