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RuBe: ‘Because of You’

Because of You

“Because of You,” a song from Rube, a talented 19-year-old singer-songwriter from North London, delivering a heartfelt and meaningful track and its her latest release. This song marks the final installment in her “Jude’s Trilogy,” following the drum and bass track “Trying” and the dance-infused “Broken.”

Through her music, Rube aims to shift perspectives and raise awareness about the condition, using her creative prowess to conjure up ideas and emotions surrounding it.

“Because of You” showcases Rube’s songwriting skills and her ability to convey deep emotions through her music. The instrumentation complements her voice, creating an atmospheric and heartfelt sound. RuBe made the song lyrics filled with gratitude and appreciation, expressing her ups and downs, all for one favorite person.

Beyond its musical qualities, “Because of You” holds a significant message. By sharing her personal experiences and dedicating a trilogy to her brother, Rube raises awareness about Down’s Syndrome and encourages listeners to view the condition from a different perspective. Her music serves as a catalyst for empathy and understanding.

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