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Change by Suburban Bicycle Gang SBG cover art

Suburban Bicycle Gang: ‘Change’ New Single

FOLLOW Suburban Bicycle Gang VIA: Suburban Bicycle Gang’s latest single, “Change,” marks a significant evolution in their musical journey. This polished folk-rock track not only demonstrates the duo’s versatility and growth but also reveals a new chapter for the indie group. The catchy melodies and emotional lyrics of “Change” make it a must-listen for lovers…

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Only Fans by Giack Bazz cover art

Only Fans: A Song from Giack Bazz, Sparking Conversation in the Music Industry

FOLLOW Giack Bazz VIA: Italian singer-songwriter Giack Bazz tackles the complexities of the music industry head-on with his latest single, “Only Fans,” to spark a much-needed conversation. Bazz’s lyrics draw an artist’s struggle in a world obsessed with instant fame and fleeting attention. Lines like “There’s no overnight success, only morning fans” capture the frustration…

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Die Kammer's Season V, Maybe forgotten. Maybe glorious album cover

Season V: Maybe Forgotten. Maybe Glorious by Die Kammer

FOLLOW Die Kammer VIA: Die Kammer’s latest album, “Season V: Maybe Forgotten.” Maybe Glorious is a profoundly touching and experimental masterpiece. This album, created by the outstanding pair Matthias Ambré and Marcus Testory, explores the depths of human emotion. Marcus Testory’s vocals and Matthias Ambré’s acoustic skills remain. However, they are encased in a completely…

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Who Is Gonna Rescue You by Tracy Eckstrand EP cover art

Come Around By Tracy Eckstrand, from Her latest EP  “Who Is Gonna Rescue You”

FOLLOW Tracy Eckstrand VIA: Singer-songwriter Tracy Eckstrand bares her soul in “Come Around,” a pivotal folk-rock track from her new EP “Who Is Gonna Rescue You.” Through relatable lyrics and lush vocals, Tracy creates an intimate bond with listeners. She draws them into her experiences of grief and self-doubt. Tracy wrote “Come Around” during a…

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Holy Night by Holy Night (A Christmas Song From The War) cover artwork

Kete Bowers: ‘Holy Night’ (A Christmas Song From The War)

follow Kete Bowers via: Kete Bowers, hailing from Birkenhead, Merseyside, Liverpool, stands as a versatile singer/songwriter, effortlessly traversing Country, Folk, Rock, Americana, and Blues in his musical repertoire. Recently, he unveiled two new tracks in 2023, “BlackWater” and “Holy Night,” both recorded in his cozy home studio, teasing an upcoming album in the works. Today,…

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