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Echoes EP by Jeff Monk cover art

Jeff Monk: ‘Echoes’ EP Out Now

follow Jeff Monk via: Let’s delve into the this amazing “Echoes” EP by Jeff Monk. Jeff Monk an independent country/rock artist from Texas takes us on a raw and cathartic musical journey that will leave you feeling all the emotions. With his transparent and hard-hitting writing style, Monk’s lyrics hit you right in the heart,…

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La Dame De Trèfle a cinematic jazz by Atacama cover art

Atacama: ‘La Dame De Trèfle’ Cinematic Jazz Play

The Parisian contemporary jazz-rock quartet Atacama weaves an enchanting musical tale through their original track, “La Dame De Trèfle,” embracing a profound appreciation for jazz from the moment they docked on the French beaches. This dense and captivating track evokes an aura reminiscent of a cinematic masterpiece, easily perceived as an enthralling soundtrack.  With an…

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The Hollow by Moonlight Lily a new release from the band.

Moonlight Lily: ‘The Hollow’ New Single

Moonlight Lily is an alternative band from New Jersey | NYC, USA, consisting of a diverse trio hailing from Puerto Rico, Serbia, and Belarus. Ed manages Bass/Guitars. Iva oversees Voice/Words/Synths, and Vlad handles Drums. Moonlight Lily’s sonic tapestry embodies an amalgamation of heavy riffs, electronic soundscapes, soaring melodies, and haunting vocals, enveloping the listener in…

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Tim Camrose's new EP Empty Roads.

Empty Roads Ep: Tim Camrose Reflects on Family, Loss, London, and a Surgeon’s Life on Contemporary Rock

Follow Tim Camrose on: Transitioning from various career paths, such as junior doctor and money market trader, Tim Camrose has ventured into a new chapter of his life as a musician. Marking this transition is his upcoming EP, “Empty Roads,” set to release on 28/11/23. “Empty Roads” traverses a contemporary rock landscape, offering a poignant…

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Igo Ereke

Igo: ‘Ereke’ Debut Single

‘Ereke‘ is a sensational Afro-pop masterpiece that seamlessly blends traditional Nigerian sounds with contemporary beats, offering listeners a refreshing and enchanting musical experience. The song’s captivating lyrics tell a heartfelt story of love, strength, and perseverance, allowing listeners to connect with IGO’s profound artistry on a personal level. Drawing inspiration from her Nigerian heritage and…

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