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Moonlight Lily: ‘The Hollow’ New Single

The Hollow by Moonlight Lily a new release from the band.

Moonlight Lily is an alternative band from New Jersey | NYC, USA, consisting of a diverse trio hailing from Puerto Rico, Serbia, and Belarus. Ed manages Bass/Guitars. Iva oversees Voice/Words/Synths, and Vlad handles Drums. Moonlight Lily’s sonic tapestry embodies an amalgamation of heavy riffs, electronic soundscapes, soaring melodies, and haunting vocals, enveloping the listener in a journey through enigmatic, uncharted territories—a testament to music’s ability to bind listeners to life’s wonder and mystery.

Moonlight Lily band group picture

The band’s lyrics delve into love, passion, death, and the supernatural, interweaving visionary imagery with evocative poetry. The ethereal sounds and captivating visuals that Moonlight Lily creates emerge from their collective quest to fathom and articulate the essence that enlivens their beings.

“The Hollow,” Moonlight Lily’s 9th single, is a seamless blend of both metaphorical and literal elements, delving into the depths of the human experience. It explores themes of metamorphosis, personal growth, awakening, emotional healing, and resilience, emphasizing the enduring strength of love and the imperative to embrace the journey, even amidst uncertainty.

‘The Hollow’ also hints at the timeless influence of ancient deities, challenging their perceived invincibility and suggesting a human vulnerability that transcends their immortal existence, ultimately culminating in a message of eternal love and connection that defies the impermanence of life.

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