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The Sweet Darkness releases “She Says”: A Truth We All Know

She says by The Sweet Darkness, Gordon Gilette cover art


Gordon Gilette’s latest single “She Says” is a melancholy yet catchy portrayal of unrequited love. As the producer behind The Sweet Darkness, Gilette demonstrates his talent for fusing genres by layering a folk-flavoured acoustic guitar over a smooth trap beat. This unlikely combination aptly mirrors the song’s emotional conflict as the lyrics explore the bittersweet limbo of “just friends” versus lovers.

The song probes the common experience of clinging to false hope in a relationship, as Gilette sings “I don’t love you, but we can stay friends.” This phrase captures the bittersweet moment when one realizes that friendly affection will never blossom into true romance.

While the lyrics speak of lost love, the music contrasts with an energetic rhythm and bright synthesizers. This makes for an intriguing juxtaposition – almost as if the song’s optimistic sound reflects the singer’s enduring expectation for requited affection. The danceable beat may also symbolize an effort to mask inner hurt with outward cheer.

She says
Gordon Gilette

Overall, Gilette succeeds in conveying universal human emotions through simple yet imaginative songwriting. Relatability is perhaps “She Says'” greatest strength – most listeners will identify with waiting in vain for reciprocal love. Yet while the theme is serious, the tune remains catchy and hummable thanks to the trap-influenced instrumentals.

Fans of The Sweet Darkness will recognize Gilette’s signature blending of electronic and acoustic textures in this track. The mix of piano, guitar, and synth creates an immersive sonic atmosphere. Meanwhile, the subtle vocal effects and emotional delivery give Gilette’s voice an ethereal, dreamlike quality.

Through raw sincerity and dynamic production, “She Says” finds The Sweet Darkness in top form. Gordon Gilette continues to refine his blend of pop, EDM, and singer-songwriter sensibilities. This release in particular highlights his ability to pair danceable rhythms with vulnerable songwriting. For any fans of dark pop or emotional electronica, “She Says” earns a strong recommendation.

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