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Dax Drops the Mic on Toxic Masculinity in “A Real Man”

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Dax, the Nigerian-Canadian rapper, singer, and songwriter whose birth name is Daniel Nwosu Jr., has just dropped a new hit called “A Real Man.” This track which was recorded in Montana, marks one of his early releases this month and it’s already generating quite a buzz.

It is Dax’s aspiration that this song paves the way for meaningful conversations and connects with those who require it. With a history of involvement in the music sector, Dax has garnered applause for demonstrating his courage through expressing authentic emotions and vulnerability in his compositions – an approach that many listeners have found relatable.

Photo of Dax from his song A Real Man scene

Reviewing his song “Dear Alcohol” was quite an interesting experience. In his latest release, titled “A Real Man,” Dax delves deep into the complex and often contradictory expectations placed on men in relationships. The lyrics vividly depict a woman’s desire for a partner who is emotionally available, financially stable, and always present- someone she deems to be a ‘real man.’ However, Dax poignantly highlights how these expectations are unrealistic and unattainable in reality. His song effectively critiques the idealized version of masculinity that society tends to promote where men are expected to balance emotional vulnerability with unwavering strength.

Here are a few lyrics:
‘Yeah, she said she wants a real man
One who opens up the door,
holds her hand and still smiles when he feels bad
In control of his emotions, wears his heart on his sleeve
but don’t get mad One who gives her all his time,
puts his dreams to the side and gets a real bag
Yeah, she said she wants a real man
But what she wants is not for real, man
Realest story ever told
Can’t have a man who’s making money, always home
Hard like a truck, that’s why he’s always on the road’

The message conveyed in the song “A Real Man” is complemented by its music video, which features Dax pondering over his experiences with family and community throughout his journey.

Let’s enjoy this masterpiece together if you are a fan of country songs, and take some time to relax.

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