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Proklaim: ‘Promised Land’ Gives Hope and Inspires

Cover art of song Promised Land by Proklaim


Proklaim, a Namibian artist, takes listeners on a journey through life’s complexities in his new track, “Promised Land.” The song blends soulful samples with classic boom-bap beats, channeling the spirit of early 2000s hip-hop while offering a fresh perspective.

Proklaim’s lyrics delve into a rich tapestry of themes. He explores ambition and perseverance, “Put my time inside the craft and see this now pay”, contrasting them with societal observations “Your own thoughts are what can take you off / Your own course”. The track also grapples with faith and spirituality, “The One Christ, I know my forte,” weaving them into a narrative that’s both personal and relatable.

Proklaim demonstrates impressive wordplay throughout the song. He seamlessly blends clever rhymes, “Dreams come Alive the minute that we touch mics,” with introspective lines (“True to what it is you’re bound to be your own Pain”). The soulful elements and the artist’s smooth vocals further elevate the listening experience.


Throughout Proklaim’s musical career, he has achieved notable success. One of his standout moments was when MTV Base featured his single “Kingz,” as enshrined in his previous review. One thing that is set this year is Prokalim seen taking things further musically by combining Afrobeat, amapiano giving nice experiences rich in diversity and depth!

“Promised Land” showcases Proklaim’s talent for crafting thought-provoking hip-hop with heart. With its insightful lyrics and infectious energy, the song is a compelling listen that leaves you wanting more.

full LYRICS of “Promised Land” by Proklaim:

Pen on the Page, spending the days there
They say that the game’s change is still
The same thing to me. Words spoken when
That they sincere they touch lives
Dreams come Alive the minute that we touch mics
Way to get to God is still the same
The One Christ, I know my forte

Put my time inside the craft and see this now pay
And Genius is hitting targets that they can’t see
Illuminated never part of what’s Illuminati
Head’s turning like it’s spotted in a new Bugatti
Soul determines moves, you get to make inside the body
Flow is Eloquent the son of man that Heaven Sent
Power in the words you get to say like President
He set the Precedence I took Notes
And now the evidence we evoke
More Determined than the man broke
And tell the people that there’s one hope
walk the Water when they sink boat
Aiming at more, Aiming at more, Aiming at more,
Yes, I studied Revolution found there’s only One solution
Power in itself can turn to what’s an institution
left alone mortals bound to love it like a drug
Your own thoughts are what can take you off
Your own course.

Called the world but then he told them bear your own cross
True to what it is you’re bound to be your own Pain
Never running dry that’s when you struck a main vein
And salvation still remains inside of one Name
A friend can never now define them if its no love
They ought to show it too
Cause most people only want to take
exactly how to spot the ones fake
understand I’ve been around my will cannot break
The love Wins when against Hate
I can sense who the ones fake
But nonetheless we’re Winning by faith
Different vibe when we Vibrate
It’s all inside of mind you in there the rest follows
Road ahead is Never easy when it stays narrow
In other words, there’s one with you in the next Lane
And talking to yourself is necessary no shame
I love the sight and sound of making what is progress
The Dead can never celebrate a day that’s put to use
And call it well-used

Here to build upon the things that go Beyond the present
Can’t dispute a thing when proof is standing right in front of you
I share my inner views
Talking to you like a friend instead of interviews
You keep on standing up, you’re bound to be who never Lose
favored by the father like the people called Jews
They say your screws loose when you aim
For what is Way Beyond them
Pen upon the page
Until the flow became fluid
we speaking now fluent!
Yebo! yeah yeah

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