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For You Brother releases ‘America’ song which celebrates America

America by For You Brother song cover art

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The band For You Brother is composed of John Davis, Jean Carlos, and Phil Noah. They began playing together as children and have since written two songs for Mercedes Benz. Their music can be heard in various TV shows, movies, and ads worldwide.

For You Brother Band rocking on stage

Additionally, both Jean and John also play in the Jimi Bennett Band while Jean’s former band Oficina G3 sold over 5 million records in Brazil. For You Brother draws inspiration from a variety of musicians including Van Halen, Mother’s Finest, Ozzy Osbourne, Boston, and Jelly Roll. Their guiding principle is to always “play from your heart” allowing their souls to truly sing out loud.

The latest single released by “For You Brother”, titled America, features outstanding instrumental work. With a blend of electric and jazz styles, the song was recorded at Dizzleland USA and serves as an anthem for hope. The track emphasizes how America is losing its ground but encourages everyone to rise up and make it great again through one particular lyric that justifies the message conveyed ‘now we ought to stand and raise our hands and make America great again.’

For You Brother Band rocking on stage

The tune instills in us the notion of maintaining hope despite adverse circumstances. Standing firm and persevering will lead to triumph. For those interested in experiencing smooth jazz, come join me as we stream this outstanding musical creation accessible on all platforms at present.

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