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MIDI Kittyy: ‘Ignis (Future House Remix)

MIDI Kittyy Ignis (Future House Remix)

MIDI Kittyy, the enigmatic musical venture masterminded by singer-songwriter and electronic music producer Eliza Andrews, reveals a propulsive reimagining titled “Ignis (Future House Remix).” This danceable reinterpretation of her debut electronic pop ballad delves into the depths of mental conflict, portraying the constant struggle against stagnation and the challenging journey of navigating through unchanging circumstances.

The original

The original version of “Ignis,” serves as a poignant exploration of the trials of mental health and the sensation of being trapped in life’s seemingly unchanging landscape. Both versions of the song encapsulate the too familiar sentiment of treading water in life, sometimes devoid of hope but steeped in introspection.

The remix version

The remix of Ignis presents an evocative future house composition that dives into the emotional circumstances of pandemic-induced trials. It echoes the strength born from desperation resulting from isolation while weaving a narrative of survival in the face of adversity. MIDI Kittyy‘s ability to convey intricate emotions through sound shines as both a songwriter and producer.

MIDI Kitty’s Global Fusion in Electronic Music

A Berklee College of Music graduate in electronic music production, she draws from a mosaic of influences. From refining production skills in Las Vegas to nurturing creativity in Prague’s dynamic setting, MIDI Kittyy seamlessly threads global experiences into her musical fabric. This synthesis births an enthralling sound resonating deeply with audiences worldwide. With strong influences from her beginnings in folk rock and blues performance, in 2021 she shifted her focus towards electronic music, incorporating influences from those original genres and creating the spellbinding unique sound that characterizes MIDI Kittyy.

The future house remix of “Ignis” marks a milestone in MIDI Kittyy’s creative mission, offering a new lens to human emotion portrayed through danceable rhythms. The remix unveils persistent human strength and metamorphosis, set to future house beats. This release underscores MIDI Kittyy’s prowess in redefining genres and promises to strike a chord with enthusiasts seeking diverse portrayals of the human experience. It follows closely the recent release of her collaboration with the esteemed Czech DJ and producer, Pauli Gabrieli, on the track “In My Head,” released on FRQNCY Records.

MIDI Kittyy’s influence defies musical boundaries, and her music remains unconfined, establishing a connection with a global audience eager to explore innovative and accessible electronic music. All of MIDI Kittyy’s captivating creations are available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and other major streaming platforms. In a world still grappling with the pandemic’s aftermath, MIDI Kittyy’s mission is to invite listeners into an enchanting and cathartic journey through the landscape of transformation. Experience the mesmerizing musical narrative of MIDI Kittyy, where “Ignis (Future House Remix)” is a tribute to the past and a celebration of our collective unfolding future.

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