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MonkeyRat Drops ‘Niels Uni Dam’: Funky Faroese Anthem

Anna Slash on Niels Uni Dam song cover art

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Arnold Ludvig hails from the Faroe Islands and boasts impressive titles as a composer, arranger, and award-winning bass virtuoso. Alongside his wife, they formed an unstoppable duo who founded MonkeyRat in 2006 on their home turf. The band eventually expanded to include other notable talents such as Alain Apaloo – an award-winning guitarist originally from Togo – and Danish drummer Jens Stoklund after establishing themselves in Copenhagen Denmark.

Anna Iachino and Arnold Ludvig, the dynamic duo collectively known as MonkeyRat from the Faroe Islands, received an artist residency in New York City back in 2014. While there, they performed at several Open mics located within Manhattan’s bustling heart. Now fast-forward to 2024 with their latest release titled “Niels Uni Dam,” a funk/pop banger that embodies pure fun and funky vibes sure to get listeners up on their feet dancing along to its irresistible beat.

Photo of Anna Slash as MonkeyRat on the song Niels Uni Dam

Together, Anna and Arnold Ludvig created a dynamic track that showcases their talents as multidimensional artists – with Anna’s skills in songwriting, vocals, and dance complementing Arnold’s expertise as an award-winning bassist and composer. To bring the funky number to life, Arnold arranged for the spirited Hentze Horns to infuse humor and warmth into this community-focused piece inspired by Niels Uni Dam. The lively storytelling combined with witty lyrics produces one of the most catchy vocal deliveries we have heard recently.

With its solid chorus hook pivoting on “Niels Uni Dam,” listeners are switched onto fertile terrain richly infused with funk/soul stylings underscored by impeccable groovy instrumentals from start to finish – making it something truly special! We urge all lovers of good music out there not to miss streaming this marvelous work of art!

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