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Mr. Wizard Faces His “Boulders” in Powerful New Rock Song

Boulders song by Mr.Wizard and Band cover art

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Hailing from the outskirts of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Mr. Wizard is an alternative grunge punk band that brings a retro backyard barbecue feel to their music. With four members in the group, they have revolutionized garage rock and are consistently exploring new horizons for rock music beyond its peak in the 90s. Obscure Sound has described Mr. Wizard’s sound as, “‘steeped in exciting rock nostalgia,’ integrating punk and grunge elements from the 90s.” Their debut single “Boulders” showcases a charming quality with evocative riffs that inspire raw emotion within listeners.

Photo of Mr.Wizard and Band on Boulders song

The origins of “Boulders” lie in a period marked by loss, during which the phrase “keep rolling that boulder” became Mr. Wizard’s soothing mantra. The song aims to inspire perseverance amidst challenging circumstances and draws heavily on Blink influences and 90s Indie charm – with electrifying riffs, catchy vocals, and rock-solid musicianship. Although it evokes nostalgia for an era gone by while taking us along on a musically thrilling ride through time, ultimately its freshness makes it unmistakably modern-sounding too thanks to Mr.Wizard’s artful touch!

In terms of lyrics and style, the artist expressed going through a tough phase where persevering through struggles and continuing to push forward was comforting. Stated in the lyrics, “Every single second that you’re waiting for your day is just another fragile moment that you wasted all away, and now. keep rolling that boulder” 

He avoids limiting himself by writing only about topics he feels strongly about at the moment. Rather, he believes staying true to oneself eliminates the need to push an agenda.
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