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Moon Maison: “Miss Moon (Lucid Dream)”

Moon Maison Miss 'Moon (Lucid Dream)'

Moon Maison‘s debut single ‘Miss Moon (Lucid Dream)‘ is straight fire! The track kicks off with Moon’s friends hitting her up about her Instagram, saying they can’t find her. She starts the song with the line “Look, shadow banned on Instagram…” and it’s a relatable experience for many.


Moon takes us on a journey through her lucid dream world, delivering clever and clean lyrics that keep you hooked. The hook is absolutely dreamy and catchy, with Moon singing “Lucid Lucid Dream.” It’s awesome to see Moon exploring different genres, especially since her previous releases had a more mantra and spiritual vibe.

And guess what? She’s got another song in the works that will feature some rap elements. Can’t wait to hear it! Oh, and keep an eye out for the upcoming music video, Miss Moon (Lucid Dream) gonna be a sexy visual with tons of fun looks. Make sure to follow Moon on her socials for all the latest updates.

Moon Maison

And if you’re interested in collaborating, check out her website. Tap Here.

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