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Raphael Fimm: ‘Wedding Waltz’

Raphael Fimm ‘Wedding Waltz’

Raphael Fimm has released his single ‘Wedding Waltz’, a romantic, neoclassical piece that he composed and orchestrated for his own wedding. True to its title, the piece is full of love, happiness and you can clearly hear the personal inspiration behind it.

The beautiful, memorable melody takes the audience on a journey through a stream of emotions evoked by innovative and colorful orchestration choices, leaving a lasting impression on the listeners.
Recorded by a 35-piece orchestra, the waltz features an exciting mix of classical, romantic and film music. The latter goes back to the composers background as a film composer.

The release is complemented by a full recording video featuring the incredibly talented musicians from FAME’S Skopje Studio Orchestra highlighting the deeply personal and inspiring listening experience. Watch it now HERE!!

“‘Wedding Waltz’ by Vienna-based composer Raphael Fimm turns out to be a true masterpiece of
neoclassical music.” Berlin on Air
“Wedding Waltz is by far my most personal composition.” Raphael Fimm

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