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One More Toke by JRTA: A Descent into Addiction

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JRTA’s “One More Toke” isn’t your typical pop song. Made entirely in his 11th-floor studio apartment, this single blends electronic melodies with a dark trap beat. This creates a tune that’s catchy and introspective. The song delves into the depths of addiction, using personal struggles with substances like marijuana and kratom as inspiration.

The first notes draw the listener in. A pulsating electronic melody sets the stage, while a heavy bass line rumbles underneath. JRTA’s vocals, tinged with melancholic honesty, paint a picture of struggle. “Crashing down from a ten-dollar high,” he sings, capturing the fleeting escape and inevitable comedown of addiction.

One More Toke

Lyrically, “One More Toke” doesn’t shy away from the raw truth. It delves into the cycle of addiction, the desperate yearning for “just one more,” and the self-deception that often accompanies it. But there’s more to the song than just darkness. Moments of beauty peek through, like rays of sunlight breaking through storm clouds. The song’s chorus, offers a glimpse of hope: “Will I ever break free from this hold?” it questions, a plea for release that resonates deeply.

Musically, JRTA masterfully blends genres. The trap beat provides a foundation of driving energy, while the electronic elements weave a mix of sound that’s futuristic and oddly familiar. This unique blend reflects JRTA’s musical journey, from his rock and roll roots to his exploration of electronic production.

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“One More Toke” tackles a difficult subject matter with honesty and vulnerability, while inviting listeners to confront their demons. The song is a powerful reminder that we’re not alone in our struggles. And that there’s beauty to be found even in the darkest places. Whether you’re a fan of electronic music or simply appreciate raw storytelling, “One More Toke” is a song worth listening to.

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