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Tidal Water: “Corrupted,” A Raucous Debut

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Oslo’s new band, Tidal Water, is making waves with their debut single “Corrupted,” a fiery anthem that punches through apathy and ignites a call for change.

The song opens with a bang, a command to “hit it” propelling the listener into a world of “marbled halls” and “closed doors.” Tidal Water paints a vivid picture of greed and corruption, with lyrics like “handshake silent on polished floors” conjuring images of backroom deals made by the wealthy elite.

The frustration is palpable as the chorus explodes with a middle finger raised high – “Fuck y’all for your greed!” Hovden’s vocals snarl with righteous anger, demanding “How many zeros does one man need?” This isn’t just about envy; it’s a call for fairness, a demand for the powerful to be held accountable for the lives they ruin while building their empires “on broken bones.”

Tidal Water and Band in a studio

The music perfectly complements the message. It’s a potent mix of alternative rock, blues, and punk, high-energy and raw. Guitars churn with relentless energy, the rhythm section pounds like a heartbeat, and Hovden’s vocals soar with raw emotion. The song throbs with urgency, driving home the feeling that change needs to happen, and fast!

Tidal Wave of Rage

“Corrupted” isn’t just a critique, though. It’s a call to action. The lyrics turn from anger to rebellion, urging listeners to “Tear down their lies now make them pay.” The song even ponders the return of the guillotine. A dark but potent symbol of the frustration many feel with the status quo.

Tidal Water isn’t offering easy answers. They’re simply asking the question – How much greed is too much? When will enough be enough? “Corrupted” is a song that will resonate with anyone who feels powerless in the face of those in control. It’s a call to demand a system that works for everyone, not just the wealthy elite.

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