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1980 by Melody Alex. Patrick: An Honest Review

1980 song by Melody Alex. Patrick cover art


“1980,” the debut single by French multi-talent Melody Alex Patrick, serves as the opening track for “20 Years Waiting.” The first album in a seven-part series titled “The Non-Sense Anthology.”

Described as a “contemporal carefree recollection” of the 1980s, “1980” offers a glimpse into a bygone era for younger listeners, while simultaneously rekindling nostalgia for those who lived it. The lyrical and musical video for the Electro Mix version of the song is a perfect example of this blend. Upbeat and visually captivating, it piques curiosity and sets the stage for the musical adventure that unfolds throughout the album.

Photo of Melody Alex. Patrick for the song 1980

Melody Alex. Patrick’s musicality shines throughout “1980.” The track seamlessly blends contemporary pop sensibilities with a touch of vintage flair. This is further amplified by the collaboration with renowned guitarist Lorenzo Sarli, whose “daring and raw” performance adds depth and texture to the music.

The song’s emotional core is undeniable. Patrick’s “overemotional and autistic inclination” is channeled into her art, transforming past experiences into a powerful creative force. This intensity is palpable in “1980,” transporting listeners not only back to a specific time period, but also into the artist’s own world – a world brimming with passion and artistic expression.

20 Years Waiting Album Cover

Patrick’s artistic prowess extends beyond the realm of music. A true renaissance woman, she is also a skilled photographer and filmmaker, This multifaceted background allows her to craft truly cinematic songs, like “1980,” that transport listeners to a world painted with vibrant sounds and emotions.

“1980” is a unique and refreshing take on pop music. The fusion of folk, electro-pop, and dance influences creates a tune that evokes a sense of peace and exhilaration. With infectious melodies and thought-provoking lyrics, “1980” invites listeners to close their eyes, and lose themselves in the music.

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