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Proklaim’s “Crown”: A Song of Resilience and Self-Belief

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We bring you the latest single from Proklaim and he calls this one “Crown,” a neo-soul, cool groove with lyrical ferocity. This isn’t your typical braggadocious hip-hop anthem – it’s a powerful statement of purpose delivered with both lyrical prowess and catching beats. It also demonstrates his ability to write songs that are spiritually stirring and cross genre boundaries by fusing gospel sermons with catchy melodies. It invites listeners to delve deeply into their ideas and objectives, which prompts a period of reflection.

A soft piano accompaniment enhances Proklaim’s heartbreaking performance, enabling the listener to connect with each verse on a personal level. A hard-hitting bass line lays the foundation, while sharp snares and shimmering hi-hats create a sense of urgency. Lines like “You know the hustle pays. No minimum wage,” paint a picture of unwavering dedication, while the refrain “trying to have my cake, while I eat it too and I mean that too” emphasizes the self-made nature of Proklaim’s success. There’s a sense of swagger and confidence that permeates the track.


The clever wordplay and internal rhymes showcase PROKLAIM’s lyrical skills, while the occasional boast (“For this journey that I’ve been equipped I know the one who lead a brother always.”) lands with a satisfying thud.

It’s a track that will leave you feeling empowered, invigorated, and ready to claim your own crown. Hit play, raise your metaphorical crown, and join the reign.

Some lyrics from “Crown” by Proklaim

Many in the game not too many with a
dream that is yours my friend.
Gotta see the end my friend.
I gotta to pay my dues like the son did too.
I gotta run this through so I pace myself.
I want more than wealth you better move with stealth.
And so I pick my words and I get to say
so they carry weight, like a mule in a
plane the son took my pain.
So I feel no shame when I’m on it’s way.
You know the hustle pays. No minimum wage,
trying to have my cake,
while I eat it too and I mean that too.
You get one not two when it come to life.
I learn a couple things about a thing that he callin sacrifice.
Learn to take advice in a dark of night
And I head to light. Gotta do it solo
even if it means that no one comes.
Here to make my run, got to make it fun in the
name of things that are worth my time.
And the still one king that has paid the
price for every sin. Here to play to win,
so I spread my wings trying to take a flight.
When I’m on this mic, wanna say
the type of things are sink.
Now we’re on the brink of manifesting major things
celebrate the future in advance.
So my lyrics dance, and I know that the Fatther’s
got this planned. Learn to see beyond the
benefits, how you learn to see the ones
who’re counterfeit.
For this journey that I’ve been equipped
I know the one who lead a brother always.
Find a purpose in a life’s pain.
Break away from what the mind chains.
Everything has got a reason,
I’m here to find mine. Take a bit of time
unwind, back to making what is
Still counts even I find what’s a slow day.
Still count what’s a slow day.

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