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Snippet: “English Fables Vol.1” An Album to Life’s Ups & Downs

English Fables Vol.1 album by Johnno Casson aka Snippet cover art


Johnno Casson, aka Snippet, ditches the studio polish for a lo-fi love letter to England on his new album “English Fables Vol.1.” With a battered mic, a trusty nylon-string guitar, and a pedalboard full of personality, Snippet conjures up a world brimming with warmth and real-life grit.

Snippet’s voice grabs you from the start, like a pub regular pulling you into a captivating tale. He sings of real people, their struggles and triumphs, all set against a backdrop of gritty riffs, bouncing rhythms, and catchy guitar hooks.

photo of Johnno Casson aka Snippet o his English Fables Vol.1 album

Think smoky Northern Soul dives meet the raw energy of Sleaford Mods, sprinkled with the brassy soul of Dexy’s Midnight Runners – that’s where “Come On Down” lives. But make no mistake, it’s pure Snippet, bursting with infectious joy and his signature upbeat spirit.

With Snippet’s masterful storytelling, the album features the ridiculously catchy “Michael.” Also, the quirky “I Knocked You Off The Ladder,” and the heartwarming “Billy With The Wonky Toe.” He makes you laugh, he makes you think, and he creates these characters so vividly. You swear you could bump into them down the street.

Snippet doesn’t shy away from the hard stuff either. Tracks like “The Little Things” and “Sometimes Life Is Really Shit” tackle his battles with health. Whereas “Patriarchy Vs A Mother’s Love” and “Punch” bravely confront toxic masculinity and violence. Even polluted waterways get a voice in “Pipe Dreams,” showing Snippet’s commitment to the complexities of life.

But amidst the grit, there’s room for reflection too. Songs like “Funny Habits,” “Tip Of My Tongue,” and “Resting Face” offer a soulful glimpse into Snippet’s own soul. And guest vocalist Marina Florance adds a velvet touch to the mix, deepening the emotions even further.

English Fables Vol.1

With “English Fables Vol.1,” Snippet has crafted his strongest album yet. It’s a celebration of real stories, infectious melodies, and the beauty of human connection.

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