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Habitat album by DEEP DIVE SPECIES DDS cover art signed bottom

Deep Dive Species: ‘Habitat’ – A Descent into Sound (2024)

Follow Deep Dive Species viA: New York electronic outfit Deep Dive Species returns with “Habitat,” a sprawling 16-track exploration of sound that seamlessly blends swirling guitars with pulsating electronic genre. This sophomore album isn’t content with simply offering background music; it invites listeners to take a deep dive (pun intended) into its immersive sonic universe….

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Penultimate by Deep Dive Species DDS cover art

Deep Dive Species (DDS): ‘Penultimate’ New Single

FOLLOW Deep Dive Species viA: Deep Dive Species (DDS) returns with “Penultimate,” a track that continues its legacy of creating chill, nostalgic, and soothing soundscapes. This latest single, spanning 2 minutes and 40 seconds, is an instrumental marvel that transcends genre boundaries. It creates a relaxing and cinematic soundscape by combining ambient layers with progressive…

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Sommerregen by Vincent Krennerich Coverart

Vincent Krennerich: ‘Sommerregen’ An Ambience of Relaxation

FOLLow Vincent Krennerich viA: Vincent Krennerich, a master of chill beats, blends classical whispers, nostalgic jazz sighs, and lo-fi hip-hop hums into his latest creation, “Sommerregen.” This German word translates to “summer rain.” It captures the serene impact of rainfall on a warm day, followed by the gentle rise of steam from the pavement. The…

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Neon Heights by THE SCREAMING POPE an album cover art

Album: “Neon Heights” by The Screaming Pope.

FOLLow THE SCREAMING POPE viA: The Screaming Pope‘s most recent album, Neon Heights, is a 14-track album that truly highlights the musician’s creative approach to electronic music. The artist, who is known for continuously pushing limits and reinventing the genre, exhibits outstanding musicianship once more. Right from the get-go, “Movie Star” grabs your attention with…

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GUITARWORKS album by Mortal Prophets Cover Art

Guitarworks: Mortal Prophets’ Latest Album.

fOLLow Mortal Prophets viA: Mortal Prophets‘ latest album, Guitarworks, is a ten-track record that explores aspects of the human experience mostly through instrumental compositions. With its lonesome, resonant guitar notes, “Ascension,” the album’s opening track, creates a spooky mood. The music builds steadily to a dramatic end throughout the album’s enticing opening. John Beckmann has…

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"Search Party" by Rupert Cox, an album cover

Rupert Cox: ‘Search Party’ Album

FOLLOW Rupert Cox VIA: Rupert Cox‘s debut album “Search Party” offers a captivating array of melodic adventures, taking you on a musical journey through downtempo jazz, ambient soundscapes, and uplifting rhythms. Each track is filled with meticulous sonic tapestries and rich layers of instrumentation that unfold as a rewarding experience. Rupert’s skills as a highly…

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