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Album: “Neon Heights” by The Screaming Pope.

Neon Heights by THE SCREAMING POPE an album cover art


The Screaming Pope‘s most recent album, Neon Heights, is a 14-track album that truly highlights the musician’s creative approach to electronic music. The artist, who is known for continuously pushing limits and reinventing the genre, exhibits outstanding musicianship once more.

Right from the get-go, “Movie Star” grabs your attention with its deep, vibrant beats, catchy refrains, and the delightful combination of bright pianos and pads that wrap you up in a comforting sonic hug. Moving on to “Pedal To The Floor,” the track takes a soulful, R&B turn with jazzy elements, adding a unique edge. It’s a really unique listening experience that sets the tone for the entire album, with the fingered bass and catchy hooks providing strong backing to the lovely vocals.

The album takes you on a musical journey through various styles, from lively dancehall to soothing future bass vibes. One standout track, “Tunneling,” captivates with its hypnotic beats, deep kicks, and powerful synths—perfect for the dancefloor. Another gem, “Devotion,” impresses with its energetic vocal verses, skilful synth work, and flawless production.

Neon Heights: An Album Worth A Listen

Picture of George Bolton (THE SCREAMING POPE)

George Bolton, also known as The Screaming Pope—is a seasoned musician, songwriter, and accomplished music video engineer. With roots in Rhode Island, Chicago, Boston, and New York’s music scenes since the early ’80s, Bolton’s expertise and signature sound shine brightly in “Neon Heights.” His production skills truly come to life as he explores a diverse range of styles on the album.

“Neon Heights” reflects a departure from Bolton’s previous project, “Our Love is Music.” This showcases a different facet of his songwriting and production skills. The album’s bold and unforgiving production choices create a unique and unforgettable listening experience. Also, not a single track sounds like the last. This sets it apart from other electronica albums. Fans of electronica and electronic dance music will appreciate The Screaming Pope’s fearless reinvention of the genre on “Neon Heights.”

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