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Album: Veil Lifter by Post Death Soundtrack

Follow POST DEATH SOUNDTRACK via: Canadian grunge/metal duo Post Death Soundtrack returns with their highly anticipated fourth album, “Veil Lifter.” This ten-track album takes listeners on a powerful exploration of darkness, resilience, and the human condition. A sharp departure from their previous electronica-infused sound, “Veil Lifter” embraces a raw and organic approach. Inspired by the…

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Passing Moments Caught Forever by Kingseeker new album, cover artwork

KINGSEEKER’s New Album: A scoop at band’s “Passing Moments Caught Forever”

fOLLow KINGSEEKER viA: Norwegian band, Kingseeker makes a much-resounding comeback with their new album dubbed ‘Passing Moments Caught Forever’. Following their two-year-old debut album, “Daily Reminders” which got many music lovers lost in their want for more, comes this exceptional work of art. The brand new album is not an extended play, but a long…

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