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Thorax-Wach: ‘Kafka In Berlin’ Latest Electronic Album

Kafka in Berlin by Thorax-Wach Cover art


Thorax-Wach takes listeners back in time with their new album “Kafka in Berlin.” Through minimalist electronic music, they recreate the inner world of writer Franz Kafka during his final year spent in the 1920s in Berlin. The album feels like a transmission from the past, yet also has a futuristic vibe.

Few albums transport listeners through time and space as effectively as Thorax-Wach’s “Kafka in Berlin.” After a 40-year hiatus, the avant-garde electronic duo reunites to delve into the psyche of famed author Franz Kafka. The album, featuring ten atmospheric tracks presents hypnotic beats, cryptic vocals, and analogue synths that evoke the emerging electric technologies of Kafka’s era.

Kafka in Berlin

While heavy in theme, the music remains oddly soothing. The simplistic beeps and tones remind you of old telegraph machines Kafka knew. In that way, “Kafka in Berlin” connects his world to ours. The vocals blend into the bare instruments. Strange phrases float over steady beats and spacey backgrounds. It’s easy to get lost in this reimagining of Kafka’s mind. Thorax-Wach finds the perfect mix of retro and modern.

Fans of thoughtful electronic music will dig the minimalist mood. The duo’s songwriting shines here. Though it explores depressing ideas, the album stays dynamic and propulsive.

Kafka in Berlin by Thorax-Wach album tracks
KAFKA in BERLIN Album Tracks

Some may find it too brooding. But it brings his perspective to life. The album shows he still relates today in this age of isolation and tech.

Thorax-Wach built an audio time machine with “Kafka in Berlin.” Their ambitious artistic achievement sends listeners back nearly a century to glimpse inside one of history’s most ingenious minds. One cannot help but come away moved. Even those completely unfamiliar with Kafka will discover an emotional potency to this music that speaks for itself – a testament to Thorax-Wach’s singular talent.

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