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Erick Castrillon: ‘The Contrarian’ Humanity and Technology by

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In his newest single “The Contrarian,” crossover artist Erick Castrillon melds his two creative passions – filmmaking and music. Released January 21st, 2024, this LA-based songwriter and director wanted to bring a cinematic scope to his eclectic brand of electronica. He succeeds through immersive production and evocative storytelling on this midpoint track. This is a piece of his forthcoming concept album examining society’s growing use of artificial intelligence.

The Contrarian
Erick Castrillon

As a composer, Castrillon draws from his various artistic backgrounds to produce a rich experimental sound on “The Contrarian.” Hypnotic beats interplay with haunting world instruments, glitchy effects, chilled out synths and even some prog-rock grittiness – nods to influences like Tool, Pink Floyd, Gorillaz and Opeth. The many textures could overwhelm, but Castrillon manipulates them with a deft hand. As in films he scores, he expertly sets a moody scene while propelling the track forward. The detail-oriented production reflects his tireless pursuit for innovation.

Equally strong as “The Contrarian’s” music is its message. Through distinctive lyrical metaphors, Castrillon shares his perspective on AI experts who ignore technology’s risks. He concocts vivid imagery of prominent researcher Yann LeCun merging with the very machines he creates. This contrarian character becomes an omniscient being – “The Anti-Biology” – reflecting technologists’ God-complexes. It’s a creative way for Castrillon to spotlight issues of values and responsibility in AI’s growth for listeners to chew on.

With his latest sonic cinematic trip, Erick Castrillon again displays the artistic breadth that’s made him a standout in both the film and music worlds. Keep watching and listening as this unique creator carves his rising, contrarian path.

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