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Andreana Christakakis: Lit

Lit by Andreana Christakakis

Andreana ChristakakisLit” is out. Lit is a dope Hip-Hop/rap, gospel fused track which has the toetapping vibe. The track “Lit” from Andreana was released on 28th February, 2023. The two minutes twenty-six seconds track has few, but communicating words as chorus throughout the song. With the exciting vibe on the song would make you want to put it on replay.

Andreana makes music to help people come to Jesus Christ and be saved to go to heaven!

“It’s how we can learn to love ourselves and others through knowing god and being saved by Jesus Christ, and cleansed from things that are evil for us.”

Andreana Christakakis

“Jesus and believing in God helped me love who I am and others.” And I want to share that gift to others through my music. People have negativity in their lives. I’m sharing with you positive music that comes with understanding.

I believe Satan and demons a cause of all that pain and what is evil and what is bad for us.

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