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DeClaRE by Naalyn

DeClaRE by Naalyn cover artwork

FOLLow DeClaRE viA:

Hailing from Ghana and now captivating audiences from her Virginia base, Naalyn’s latest gospel single, “DeClaRE,” is a powerful and feel-good tune you didn’t know you needed.

The real magic is the lyrics. Naalyn’s words are like a pep talk in a song. Potent reminders that our words hold immense power. She encourages us to speak positivity into our lives, to declare our victories before they materialize, and to drown out negativity with affirmations of faith and hope.

“DeClaRE” grabs you by the soul from the very first beat. The rhythm burrows deep, its infectiousness rivaling the best earworms. Then Naalyn’s voice takes off. Her voice rises above the tune, conveying powerful thoughts of resiliency and hope—a monument to the inner strength that every one of us possesses.

DeClaRE: An Uplifting Tune.

The infectious hook and rhythm are the heartbeat of the song. It’s the kind of tune that stays with you, making it nearly impossible to resist humming along.

Beyond the music, Naalyn’s life experiences add an extra layer of depth to “DeClaRE.” Born Marilyn Naa Tagoe and growing up with a passion for the arts, she discovered her love for singing and dancing at an early age. What sets her apart is her commitment to versatility. Naalyn breaks free from the constraints of genre, letting her creativity run wild.

DeClaRE, a work of art, is a masterpiece of gospel-infused pop music. Naalyn and Eddie worked together flawlessly on its production. This collaboration is a marriage made in music. Eddie is an accomplished producer who has a gift for creating amazing music. He has taken Naalyn’s unpolished talent and refined it to a beautiful finish. Together, they’ve produced a sound that is unquestionably contemporary while being both recognizable and new.

One listen to “DeClaRE”, and you’ll be left with a smile on your face and a renewed sense of possibility. It’s a song that lingers long after the final note fades. Reminding you that even in the darkest moments, you hold the power to declare your own light.

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