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Zahed Sultan: El Remixes

Zahed Sultan El Remixes

Zahed Sultan is an award-winning multimedia artist, culture producer, filmmaker, and social entrepreneur of Kuwaiti-Indian heritage. His work focuses on the intersection between social justice, technology, and culture and has been presented across various media formats and IRL spaces. Zahed receives particular attention for his audio-visual-dance performances which have been presented internationally.

In a follow up to a string of single releases, Zahed Sultan shares El Remixes – a collection of three songs reimagined into dance / club tracks that take listeners on a journey through the artist’s Pop Nostalgia sound.

Layl (Remix) is Arabic for night and explores themes of love and loss with contemporary strings,
ethereal vocals, and rhythmic dance patterns. Hindi Majnoon (Remix) loosely translates to ‘Wild
Indian’ and fuses pulsating South Asian / Arab percussions with a grooving house rhythm and an
unexpected ending with uplifting melodies.

Dalal (Remix), an Arabic for fondness and passion, has a captivating piano motif with lush orchestral strings and an infectious dance beat. Through the release of El Remixes, Zahed continues to shape a crossover sound of his own.

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