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Best Shit: Cash U Unleashes Pure Fun on This Album

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Cash U’s aptly titled album, “Best Shit,” is a genre-bending explosion of pure, unadulterated fun. This anonymous collective, shrouded in emoji masks, throws a hilarious party on this record, inviting listeners to join the joyful chaos.

The party kicks off with “Hip so Hop (Cappuccino),” a nonsensical blast of energy. Forget decipherable lyrics. Cash U throws playful syllables at the wall and lets them stick, the infectious rhythm carrying the day.

The cheekiness continues with “My Ass Is the Best,” a funky anthem that oozes confidence. The song’s bold declaration – “My ass is the best, yeah, it’s number one” – is delivered with such infectious charm.

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Tracks like “I Don’t Give a Funk” bring the funk and rock fusion, urging listeners to cast off their worries and embrace the groove. The song’s message – “I don’t give a funk about what people say” – perfectly encapsulates Cash U’s carefree spirit. Then there’s “This Is so D*mb but I Like It,” a testament to the beauty of embracing the absurd. Catchy hooks burrow into your brain, and the beat’s infectious oddity makes you want to move in ways you never thought possible.

The album throws a curveball with “Beautiful World,” a slower, more introspective moment. The production remains lighthearted, but the lyrics offer a glimmer of sincerity – “Even the trash on the street can be beautiful sometimes.”

Best Shit with Genre-Bending Shenanigans

The second half of the album maintains the momentum. “I Don’t Like It” injects a dose of punk-rock energy. Whereas “Super Epic (Feel It)” lives up to its name with a pulsating electronic and rock fusion. Tracks like “Kitty Cat (Meow Meow)” and “Doja Dog (Woof Woof)” add a touch of whimsy with playful melodies and nonsensical lyrics reminiscent of modern-day nursery rhymes for adults.

The album closes on a high note with “I Feel Good I’m OK.” Upbeat rhythms and positive lyrics celebrate self-acceptance and radiate pure joy. It’s the perfect ending to an album that’s all about finding the humor in life’s little quirks. And celebrating the simple act of being alive.

“Best Shit” is a testament to Cash U’s creativity. Their playful disregard for genre boundaries and their infectious sense of humor create an album that’s as much of a sonic adventure as it is a party starter.

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