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Black Iris: ‘All Of My Love’ Latest Single

Black Iris out with 'All Of My Love' covert art

A Dublin-based musical project commenced its professional recording journey in 2022. Rather new to the scene, the group consists of songwriters who collaborate with a global roster of talented musicians to breathe life into their compositions. Their signature sound is a fluid blend of pop, rock, and dance, drawing inspiration from a diverse range of genres, including classical, electronic, and the captivating rhythms of video game soundtracks.

Black Iris debut single, “Heart Abuser,” was released in November 2022 and has already made waves in the music community, capturing the essence of their style with its mellow synthwave keys, empowering vocals, and a disco-infused pop groove delivered by a live ensemble. The group enjoys producing music that blends modern sounds with heartfelt messages. Since the group’s inception, six singles have been released, with tracks like “Child” and “The Maze.”

The songs have reached around 450k streams on Spotify. The latest single “All Of My Love” was released in October 2023. This song is a piano-driven pop-soul/singer-songwriter ballad. Lyrically, it is about the journey of a songwriter seeking inspiration. He meets a woman dancing to Shakira’s music, and she becomes like a muse to him, inspiring him to go on an odyssey. In the end, he realizes that real inspiration comes only from the light of their shared humanity.

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