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Plunky & Oneness: ‘I’ll Be There’ a Deep House Remix

I’ll Be There by J. Plunky, deep house and drill jazz remixes cover art

Renowned saxophonist and filmmaker J. Plunky presides over N.A.M.E. Brand Records, with an impressive discography of 30 albums. With Plunky & Oneness, he has performed alongside music icons like Patti Labelle, Ray Charles, and Earth Wind & Fire. His notable tracks “Every Way But Loose” and “Drop” have left their mark across multiple genres such as funk, jazz, African rhythms, reggae, rap, and R&B.

Recent releases like “I’ll Be There” and “Plunky & Oneness – Afroclectic” showcase his diverse musicality. Branch’s influence extends globally, earning him the esteemed “50 For 50 Award” from the Virginia Commission for the Arts. Beyond music, his impact as an educator and cultural ambassador has resonated with countless individuals through his teachings and performances.

Critics have hailed saxophonist-vocalist James “Plunky” Branch as a trailblazer in Afro-centric jazz, skillfully blending various musical forms from funk and R&B to house and gogo into a message of empowerment, positivity, and cultural awareness. His new “I’ll Be There” EP continues this trend, featuring four renditions of the love song: Deep House, Drill Jazz, Hip-Hop, and the Original Reggae mix.

These versions will be part of the upcoming digital album “Plunky & Oneness – Love Is Everywhere,” slated for release on February 1, 2024, just in time for Valentine’s Day. This collection further solidifies Plunky’s innovative approach to transcending genre boundaries, reflecting his commitment to musical diversity and creativity.

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