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Bruce B. Gordon Media: ‘Thank You!’ (An EDM Song of Gratitude to The Universe)

Bruce B. Gordon - 'Thank You!'

In a world awash with beats and rhythms, “THANK YOU! (An EDM Song of Gratitude to the Universe)” stands out as a beacon of positivity, a musical embrace of gratitude to The Universe. This electrifying track is poised to drench the senses in devotion, infusing life with the power of appreciation all-year round. Bruce Gordon Media invites people to embark on a sonic journey that cultivates the art of thankfulness as a daily meditation tool, starting early in October in preparation for this Thanksgiving season.

Created as a heartfelt tribute to Horatio Gordon, who tragically departed in 2023 due to complications from heart surgery, “THANK YOU!” fulfills their original aspiration to share this inspirational music with the world. Bruce B. Gordon hopes to honor his brother’s memory by touching the lives of people everywhere with this musical offering. As Bruce B. Gordon, CEO of Bruce Gordon Media, states, “Gratitude isn’t just an emotion; it’s the key that unlocks the door to a more fulfilling life.

“THANK YOU!” is our way of sharing a device of fulfillment with the world, allowing everyone to experience the joy of daily appreciation.” This song is more than just music; it’s a sonic path to emotional well-being and a testament to the bond between two brothers who shared a passion for spreading positivity. “THANK YOU!” is available on all major digital music platforms, inviting you to embrace the power of gratitude and carry it with you throughout the year.

Prepare to elevate spirits and embark on a musical journey of appreciation this Thanksgiving and Holiday Season. Let “THANK YOU!” be the soundtrack of daily gratitude practice.

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