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Martin Larose: ‘Temporarily Broken’ New Single

Martin Larose's Temporarily Broken from his Hek of a ride album cover

Martin Larose provides a soul-stirring glimpse into his upcoming album “Hek Of A Ride” with the track “Temporarily Broken,” showcasing a unique blend of atmospheric ambience and intricate musicianship. The song, a captivating fusion of acoustic troubadourism and alt-country, culminates in a chorus highlighted by the distinct harmonica stylings of Guy Bélanger. Drawing inspiration from musical legends like Michael Hedges, Eddie Van Halen, and Steve Howe, Larose has carefully cultivated a unique musical style, earning admiration within the music community. His work has garnered praise in Guitar World, and he has made standout appearances at Quebec’s International Guitar Show, establishing himself as a virtuoso musician.

Balancing his artistic endeavors, Larose divides his time between creating his own music and producing albums for other artists at his cutting-edge recording studio, Studio Septentrio in Jonquière. This multifaceted artist has further ventured into the realm of film — directing the music documentary “Les Cordes Insensibles” alongside his wife and holding the role of producer and host for the TV show “Studio Boréal.” As an independent artist, Larose has released six albums, with “Hek Of A Ride,” co-written with lyricist Nath Farley, promising to be a seminal addition to his impressive discography.

Everyone is invited to explore “Temporarily Broken” as a precursor to the musical journey awaiting them within “Hek Of A Ride.”

To delve deeper into Martin Larose‘s immersive musical universe, be sure to visit his website, and engage with his social media platforms on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

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