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“Cool Down” by Harry Kappen: A Groove for Mindful Moments 

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Harry Kappen identifies himself as an independent Dutch musician, producer, and music therapist. A skilled musician and multi-instrumentalist, he has played in numerous bands throughout the Netherlands. In addition to producing for many Dutch popbands, he has also composed hundreds of songs since his youth – some for his own groups or simply out of enjoyment while others were created specifically for events or television programs in Holland.

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This year marks a particularly auspicious moment as Harry Kappen boasts five nominations at both the Josie Awards held in Nashville and Atlanta’s ISSA Awards. His influences include David Bowie, Paul McCartney, Prince, Radiohead as well as Knower amongst many other notable artists. Harry recently unveiled “Cool Down”, an impressive new single release that is sure to leave listeners wanting more from this talented artist!

Following the ballad “One Life,” Harry feels it’s time for a more lively tune that features both acoustic and electric guitars. His latest song, “Cool Down,” urges individuals to slow down and reflect on what truly matters in their lives as well as those of others. This track is part of Harry Kappen’s new album entitled “Time Will Tell” which includes nine original tracks along with three previously released singles over the past year. “Cool Down” presents an energizing performance showcasing his customary melodies combined with an upbeat tempo.

As society continues on its frenzied path amidst rising temperatures worldwide, aggressive dispositions, and incessant rushing about; one can appreciate how eagerly valued voices like Harry Kappen are needed to offer rationality amid this tumultuous environment. His message echoes simply: just calm down, take a pause from everything going at full tilt – cool off!

The lyrics; “The world is out of breathe / We can hardly keep up to this rapid pace / We need  to adapt to continue in this cr*zy race…” make it evident that keeping pace with the world’s rapid progress is difficult, necessitating a deceleration.

A picture of Harry Kappen for Cool down song

Kappen’s artful vocals and skilled musicianship deliver a poignant call to prioritize life’s essentials in his newest track. The accompanying YouTube lyric video offers captivating visuals, deepening the song’s meaningful lyrics and capturing Kappen’s essential message. Don’t miss this masterpiece – stream it now!

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