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‘Forever+Always’ by Kaitlyn Page: Eternal Devotion

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Kaitlyn Page hails from Pearl, Mississippi, and is known for her music that delves into themes of faith, relationships, and mental wellness. What sets Kaitlyn apart as a singer-songwriter is her unique perspective on the world while also staying true to her Christian beliefs. Her aim in creating music is to unite people by closing divides between them.

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Those previously unseen are brought to light when they share their thoughts on difficult subjects with the calming presence of God. Drawing from musical influences like Fleet Foxes and JohnnySwim in indie folk, as well as Adele and Alicia Keys in soulful pop, she also finds inspiration from Christian artists Brooke Fraser and Lauren Daigle in her melodic approach. Throughout her career, Kaitlyn has been taught by numerous respected teachers and musicians.

However, it is from her mother that she draws the greatest inspiration. Her latest single “Forever+Always,” an indie folk track with heartfelt vocals, features a beautiful instrumental accompaniment that perfectly complements the lyrics’ message about mutual love between partners.

The song blends all elements required to make a good song and speaks of personal aspirations to someday love selflessly as Kaitlyn’s beloved mom does.

With touching lines such as “I’ll love you forever if you promise me the same” woven throughout its composition promotes enduring affection for listeners. Don’t miss out on experiencing this masterpiece!
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