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I Swear To God (You’re Never Getting Out) by Starlight Alice

I Swear To God (You're Never Getting Out) by Starlight Alice cover art

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The creative union between acclaimed artists Luke Potter and Jacob Browne has spawned a fresh new folk-pop duo called Starlight Alice. With their debut single “I Swear To God (You’re Never Getting Out),” they come galloping straight out of the gate with an infectious country-tinged stomper. Backed by over 30 million combined Spotify streams, Potter and Browne have discovered enthralling chemistry in Starlight Alice.

From the first acoustic guitar strums, “I Swear To God” grapples the listener with its propulsive rhythm and homespun romantic storyline. As the propulsive drums kick in, Browne’s rounded twang takes lead vocals, warning a restless lover that “you’re never getting out” of his smitten clutches. On the chorus, Potter’s rugged voice joins in tasty harmony as they belt the title hook with conviction.

I Swear To God (You're Never Getting Out)
Luke Potter and Jacob Browne

The tune chugs with vigor, powered by handclaps and a rumbling bassline. As a nimble banjo pops in and out, Starlight Alice fires on all cylinders. Their vocal interplay recalls classic duos like Brooks & Dunn or Montgomery Gentry, albeit with British accents. As the tune builds, a rousing fiddle solo injects shimmering country flavor. Even non-country fans will find the song’s energy irresistible.

Without a doubt, though, Potter’s production skills are partly responsible for Starlight Alice’s unique approach. His polished touch can be heard in the layers of acoustic guitar and vocals.

I Swear To God

By the end, Starlight Alice has the listener eating out of the palm of their hands. While still a new endeavour, this duo has uncorked a winning sound. “I Swear To God” feels tailor-made for radio airplay and streaming playlists alike. It’s an auspicious opening salvo from Potter and Browne’s promising collaboration. Based on this, their debut album could be one of 2024’s sparkling surprises. For now, just try to get this catchy foot-stomper out of your head.

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