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Velvet Halo: A Dazzling Debut EP Wrapped in Piano Magic

Velvet Halo by Velvet Halo EP Art

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The collaboration between vocalist Justina Shandler and producer David Thiele has birthed an EP, “Velvet Halo” that envelops listeners in emotional intimacy. In their aptly named project, Velvet Halo, the duo explores life’s bittersweet transitions through cinematic songs.

Shandler’s poetic lyrics capture nostalgic longing with striking empathy. When she sings “I wonder where my youth has gone” on opener “Fool Again,” you feel transported back to simpler times. Her vocal delivery couples mournfulness with acceptance as she sings of trying to regain something that has slipped away. The sonic palette expands on “Warm Night” which finds Justina joining David on an R&B-tinged duet. Their alternating verses telling the tentative story of a burgeoning romance.

Velvet Halo
Justina Shandler and David Thiele

Velvet Halo pierces the soul on “Words Fail,” a delicate piano ballad that swells into aching crescendos. As Justina watches a relationship quietly dissolve before her eyes, her voice quivers with resignation, elevating the Conversely, “Nothing Left” mines the anguished territory of depression, Justina’s vocals cascading over David’s minor-key piano. Yet as the song progresses, rays of optimism shine through. Hope is glinting on the horizon if one can push past the searing pain.

The EP comes full circle with the sweetly buoyant “Find Me.” Awash in smiling acoustic guitar and lithe piano lines, it conjures the warmth of a sunny afternoon, basking in the glow of good company and cold drinks. Justina sounds utterly at peace as she captures the simple joy of being present.

Velvet Halo couch serious picture

Velvet Halo’s atmospheric tunes can provide respite and repose for those times when existence feels a bit overwhelmed. Justina and David have forged an emotional intimacy that calmly washes over the listener. While many debut releases feel uneven, the duo has crafted a unified statement – this EP glittering with sonic gems ready to cast their luminous spell.

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