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The Pulltops: ‘Make Me Smile’

Cover art for Make Me Smile by The Pulltops

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The Pulltops, a duo from Milwaukee, skillfully blend Indie Rock, Power Pop, and Album Rock. Their individual musical influences, woven from eclectic record collections, seamlessly merged when they started making music together.

A picture of The Pulltops duos.

Mark leaned towards old country and soul, while Tom drew inspiration from the experimental and underground scene. Despite their different tastes, they found common ground in pop music and strong hooks, which became the foundation of their creative process.

Their latest single, “Make Me Smile,” beautifully combines elements of Pop, Indie, and Singer/Songwriter.

It has tender verses and an anthemic chorus, capturing the essence of a sweet love song with the profound sentiment, “You will always be the one to make me smile.” Clocking in at two minutes and forty-nine seconds, the song has rich feel of various genres and styles, including Alt-Folk, Americana, Folk Rock, Indie Folk, Pop, Epic, Rock Pop, and its Anthemic.

The incorporation of acoustic guitar and strings introduces a more organic sound not explored in their earlier releases. This release is the seventh single of the year for The Pulltops, with many more to come. Their ambitious plan includes launching a new single every six weeks for the next two years, each culminating in the unveiling of a new EP following every fourth single release.

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