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Janeuary: ‘Back Where I Belong’ Song Review with Full Lyrics

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Janeuary is a self-sufficient artist who creates alternative and neoclassical compositions. A Ukraine-based artist known for her profound and thought-provoking music, she maintains a heartfelt authenticity with her audience by infusing every note with the depths of her heart and soul.

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Janeuary’s album “No News But Muse” was a global sensation, captivating listeners across all borders. Creative minds worldwide were inspired by her music and used it as the backdrop for their artistry, including renowned artists Masaki from Japan and Harry Egrott from Austria.

On May 24th, Janeuary released an extraordinary single titled “Back Where I Belong,” which she revealed to have been written at dawn.

 “I felt that something more than just a “new composition” would come. I immediately felt its power as it approached. And when I wrote it at five in the morning, looking at the dawn, I realized that there was no way back. I wrote something “forever,” says Janeuary.

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The song opens with a mesmerizing instrumental session that instantly grabs your attention before giving way to her soothing voice.“Back Where I Belong” by Janeuary is a timeless love ballad that defies genre boundaries in pop music.

Clocking in at 3 minutes and 46 seconds, the track blends Alternative Pop, Cinematic Pop, and Art Pop influences, creating a relaxing and epic soundscape. With captivating female vocals, the song transcends genre, offering a timeless message of love that endures beyond humanity itself. It even earns the Musosoup Hot Tip of “Saucy Banger,” hinting at a hidden layer of energy beneath the beautiful surface.

Full Lyrics for “Back where I belong” by Janeuary.

Raise your hand if you stand for something
More than just a world…
Understand, love means hurt and failure
Painful till absurd…
I was wrong
I was wrong about you
Hope it won’t be long…
In my space, freezing glaze, so comfy,
Back, where I belong!
Where I belong
Where I belong!..
No one else is allowed to be here.
I am breathing…calm.
Just go.
Go, like you appeared…

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