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Love Ghost: Feel the Intensity on ‘Scream’ EP

SCREAM Ep by Love Ghost music Album Cover


Love Ghost refuses to be boxed in on their latest offering, the electrifying “SCREAM” EP. This five-song collection is a wild ride that throws metal riffs, trap beats, and introspective lyrics into a blender and hits puree.

The EP spans 13 minutes and 19 seconds, commencing with the opening track, aptly titled “Scream” (featuring Mexican hard rocker Monde), which is a perfect example of their daring spirit. “Daydream” with La Sinclair offers a surprising shift, with a melancholic mood and an almost neo-soul vibe underlying the ever-present, hard-hitting drums. “Rage” featuring 3Angel leans more into the electronic metal side of things, with pulsating synths and guttural growls creating a dark and aggressive soundscape.

Love Ghost and Monde on a staircase

Love Ghost’s collaboration with El Verumcito in “ROCKSTAR LIFESTYLE” opens with an ethereal vibe, drawing everyone into a world where raw emotion meets edgy beats. The line “Cameras flashing in my eyes, slit throat, headshot, take what’s mine” hits like a gut punch, revealing the dark underbelly of the spotlight.

The video, an AMV (Anime Music Video), adds an extra layer of intrigue. It’s a visual feast that complements the song’s intensity, leaving viewers with chills down their spines.“Throw Down” is a sonic collision of talent, featuring Love Ghost alongside Adhara and Helian Evans. All songs from the EP Are available on the various streaming platforms.

“Scream” isn’t for everyone. Those seeking a purist metal experience or a strictly trap-infused soundscape might find the constant genre-hopping jarring.

Love Ghost and Monde sitting on a staircase

But for those who appreciate artistic experimentation and music that defies easy categorization, Love Ghost’s latest offering is a thrilling listen.

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