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Luna Keller: ‘Invisible Wars’ Out Now

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Luna Keller, a versatile Spanish/German independent singer-songwriter, captivates her audience with emotive and authentic storytelling through music. Her songs are not merely compositions; they are steadfast companions and vehicles for appreciation and connection. Her musical journey follows the release of her debut full-length album “Prophecies and Silver Linings” in 2022, complementing a body of work that includes two EPs and a collection of singles. Despite her ongoing European tour, Luna found a creative pause to unveil her deeply personal and second album “Ocean Inside of Me,” housing the reminiscent track “Invisible Wars.” This composition diverges from her usual mellow sound, offering a more passionate and raw expression, revealing unspoken struggles with uncompromising honesty.

At 3 minutes and 54 seconds long, “Invisible Wars” envelops listeners with a distinctive folk, nostalgic, and relaxing feel, infusing the song with a redolent and calming vibe that echoes Luna’s unique immix of storytelling. The track stands as a poignant testament to Luna Keller’s steadfast dedication to unveiling a deeply intimate chapter of her life, seeking to connect with others bearing unseen battles. It serves as a heartfelt portrayal of the silent conflicts waged within, shedding light on the solitary and frustrating nature of internal struggles that remain concealed from the world.

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Following a successful Kickstarter campaign that amassed 17,000 euros, Luna Keller has defied musical norms by releasing each song from the album as standalone singles, accompanied by interconnected music videos shot across Latvia and Spain. Her album paints a vivid emotional journey—a movement from darkness to light—forged from Luna’s personal battles with mental health. Through her music, Luna seeks to destigmatize mental well-being issues, instilling hope and solidarity, and letting others know they are not alone.

“Invisible Wars” took form with Luna Keller recording her own vocals and guitars in Germany, while the track was brought to life by the production expertise of Dominic Romano in California. Their two-year collaborative effort has yielded a deeply profound and personal soundscape, embodying Luna’s unwavering commitment to her artistic vision. The music videos for “Ocean Inside Of Me” stand as a testament to a diverse collaborative effort that unfolded mostly in Latvia, featuring an international crew from Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, Latvia, and England. The video for “Invisible Wars” also partly unfolded in Spain to capture underwater scenes that couldn’t be realized due to unclear water and cold temperatures in Latvia.

Through her music and collaborative endeavors, Luna Keller is composed to extend beyond borders and cultures, employing her universal and personal approach to craft a musical and visual experience that resonates deeply and truthfully across diverse spheres. Her commitment to sparking poignant conversations and fostering connections is a testament to her influence and vision within the musical landscape.

Luna Keller’s “Invisible Wars” and the album “Ocean Inside of Me” project an introspective and heartfelt expression, reflecting Luna’s unwavering dedication to authenticity and empathy, and her unique ability to forge sincere connections through her art.

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