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Rachael Sage: ‘I Made a Case’ (feat. Howard Jones) New Single and Video

I Made A Case by Rachael Sage (featuring Howard Jones), cover artwork

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Rachael Sage and Howard Jones unite to deliver an emotive duet titled “I Made a Case,” digs into the intricacies of love and the passage of time. The poignant music video, was released on November 3rd, directed by Tobias LaMontagne, smoothly integrates Rachael’s live performance footage with enchanting miniature sets, leading viewers through an evocative journey featuring wistful rooms and a boat gliding into a sunset embrace.

This collaborative ballad goes deeply, exploring themes of love and empathy amid the challenges of interpersonal discord. Reflecting on the song’s emotional depth, Rachael shares her vulnerability, acknowledging that “‘I Made a Case’ is definitely the saddest song on the record.” She further delves into the reality that despite our best efforts, concerted change may not always be achievable within relationships.

Jones’ presence, as a guest vocalist, influenced the song’s raw honesty, emphasizing a truth-laden musical arrangement, focusing on storytelling and emotional integrity.

“I Made a Case (feat. Howard Jones)” is a standout inclusion on Rachael Sage’s folk-pop album, ‘The Other Side’. It melds cinematic elements, echoing depth and richness throughout the album. Howard Jones, praising Sage’s journey through the creation of this ballad, shared that ‘I Made A Case’ is her finest work and “The Other Side” represents her most potent album to date.

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Rachael Sage

Recorded amid a flurry of 2022 tours, the album showcases collaborations with musical virtuosos such as Jack Petruzzelli, Russ Johnson, and James Mastro. This lush production spans the realms of Americana, alt-folk, and pop, featuring re-imagined covers alongside original compositions.

A stalwart in the indie music scene, Rachael Sage has nurtured a vibrant, charitable ethos, utilizing her label, MPress Records, to release a diverse, dynamic catalog. With an illustrious career highlighted by festivals and global touring, including appearances with icons like Imelda May, Ani DiFranco, and Shawn Colvin, Sage’s musical influence extends far beyond her compositions.

Her commitment to philanthropic endeavors, supporting causes such as WHY Hunger and the National Network for Youth (NN4Y), reflects a compassionate spirit that reverberates well beyond her music.

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“… the alt-pop singer bares her soul and reveals her fight to survive and thrive, inspiring others to climb and conquer their own mountains.” – The Sunday Express

“With a hopefulness tinging her vocals, Sage maintains a healing optimism between grounded, bittersweet meditations” – PopMatters

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