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Mayla: ‘ Who Died’ a Debut Trap-Rap Single

Mayla: Who Died

Mayla is a talented artist who blends soul, trap music, and English rap in a unique way. Her music takes each listener on their own journey. She becomes the voice for those who couldn’t speak up, couldn’t express themselves, or even whisper. While romantic dramas have always been a great inspiration throughout history, few artists delve into the realm of family dramas. It can be a taboo or too personal topic to bring to light.

Mayla, who has been composing songs since the age of nine, sees, observes, and consoles her friends who are going through difficult family situations. And when a parent becomes violent, whether through words or actions, while the other remains silent in the face of that violence, she internalizes it all and puts it down on paper.

“Who died?” refers to those who are absent when the drama occurs. “Who died?” refers to those who are supposed to be naturally present but abandon instead. Worse, they worsen the situation. So, who ultimately dies? It’s the humanity within the family circle. It creates cracks, invisible scars that sometimes never heal. Several scenes are deliberately set in a hushed atmosphere to reflect the dark side that a family can hide from the world. On the other side of the mirror shines the perfect family, symbolized by a velvet armchair in which Mayla nestles in elegant attire.

Hypocrisy reaches its peak when, in the end, even the silent victim on her velvet armchair finds herself behind bars. The psychological gag. A committed, almost violent rap. Because violence is everywhere, and sometimes the deepest wounds can only hope to heal with equally powerful words. Rhythmic with the pounding of the kick,

Mayla chooses to break free from these deafening silences, from the unspoken words that gnaw at the soul. Boom! Boom, right in the heart, to shake the silent ones. With her African, Middle Eastern, and European origins, while having lived in multiple countries, Mayla is a global child who has witnessed numerous family models. They all experience dramas, but each one navigates them differently, and that’s where a glimmer of hope emerges in her plea.

Learning from others to heal wounds is a strength. Enriching oneself with experiences from other cultures and making it a way of life is a testament to wisdom.

“To achieve inner peace, sometimes we must embrace pure sincerity and try to understand the reasons behind everything that happens in our lives,”

explains Mayla.

Who Died” aims to be liberating, in order to one day make peace with others and with oneself.

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